Infranor Group

Group strategy

Value added with controlled motion

The Infranor Group specializes in the industrial automation. As experts in this field, our Group designs and controls the motion of machinery, plant and equipment. The three cornerstones of our strategy are:

  • Selection of potentially interesting niches and concentration on applications that require a high degree for specialist know-how while promising attractive profit margin.

  • Close working relationship through our Group companies, because this is the essential requirement for collaborative partnership and continuous development of industry-specific expertise.

  • Solutions which are tailored to customer needs, using our own core products for driving and controlling motion sequences.

Growth strategies

Both divisions aim to achieve growth that is organic and also possibly through acquisitions (should the opportunity arise).

The main focus of Infranor is on increasing its market share by means of new products and special application solutions. That's why the implementation of strategic system solutions is extremely important from a strategic standpoint. The division increases its market presence by reinforcing existing sales structures and making fill-in acquisitions wherever possible. Geographical expansion is also a possibility.

As well as increasing its share of the market, Cybelec seeks to expand inside and outside the sheet-metal processing industry and particularly by expanding into related processes and new niche markets.

Fields of Activity